Sunday, February 5, 2012

all things spiked: DIY inspiration

studs & spikes have always been my obsession. i've also been very into DIY lately. 
i came across Burberry Prorsum's spiked trench coats of seasons past and was reminded of why i loved the designs so much. 
as soon as i get my current DIY together--combining the denim front of a perfect moto-jacket with the leather sleeves of my fave black leather jacket...spiked out of course --i'm on to this spiked trench project. here are my inspiration pix! this snakeskin Burberry biker jacket is just downright SICKENING. if only i could find a print even half as lush as this snakeskin...then spike it to all hell...i swear, i'd fkkn sleep in it. naked. 
x, loves ;)

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