Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Chic Sighting: Bleached Blonde Rihanna in Denim Jumpsuit

she would. LOVE IT! the hair, for her, it works. but how cute would her old short black, tapered hairdo circa "Live Your Life" look w/ this look? it would be amazing.
i've been toying with the idea of a denim jumpsuit w/ bad ass statement heels for a while, every since i saw Kourt K effortlessly rockin' her wide leg denim suit. she solidified that this sex pot painter's look can work on vertically challenged women ;) ....in my head, i've got the look all together. now, for the perfect jumpsuit.
x, loves ;)


  1. I love her hair and her lipstick... the rest, I'm still on the fence about. After a quick Google search, I think I like Khloe's short version the best.

  2. piper! hey girl hey :) the look i love w/o a shadow of a doubt, i'm all in.

    i LOVED kourtney's denim jumpsuit, alth i wouldn't go that baggy. khloe's look, ehhh. i hate all things w/ drawstrings, they shouldn't b allowed out of the house haa.

    i just followed u, i didn't know u were u! i love your styling trials btw, been wanting to do that instead of the dress up/take pix styling things i've done w/ friends, so thx for the reminder :)

  3. She looks good. Everything she does, she looks good.