Sunday, February 26, 2012

Best Dressed : Red Carpet Academy Awards 2012

 Sir Hotness also known as George Clooney is always right in my book. Classically dapper as per usual. His arm candy is a great compliment in deep, beautiful bronze (isn't this the perfect bronze shade?), love the flower on the hip (not everyone could pull such a thing off; as it can add unwanted bulk to the hips, but she pulls it off flawlessly due to her slim figure).
 Jessica Chastain. Her hair color does wonders for her skin, very complimentary, she's aglow.  She looks refreshed and natural.
She's a show host, can't recall her name. But this dress is AMAZING!!! Love the upper bodice & the yellow.
Simple, gorgeous, understated. LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffled bottom, this is my favorite lower half of any gown shown on the Carpet. Amazing silhouette. 
 Viola Davis stunned in this green number--DIVINE color for her skintone!!! I love her hair, the color, the style, love it all. She played up her best assets ; the prettiest she's ever looked!  This woman is just GORGEOUS here.
Gwyneth Paltrow. I love the color on her, she looks great in white. She looked even more dynamic on the screen.  I wouldn't miss the cape much if it went away though.
 GLENN CLOSE LOOKED IMPECCABLE. Very flattering shape. Love this deep green, and the pairing of the evening dress w/ the blazer, probably my favorite look for a woman like her.
Giuliana Rancic. Love.
Seriously? They look like wax figures. Such an unbelievably gorgeous pair. Angelina is rocking the front slit as many a brave woman has--it's a huge Euro trend especially, recently rocked beautifully by Rihanna at the Grammy's. 
Berenice Bejo looked beautiful in mint green, perfect shade for her skin and hair. Understated & retro. Love the sleeves. 
Emma Stone. She is always darling. Love the red, and the bow, of course. She's definitely channeling Nicole Kidman from award shows past.
Diaz, I think, is a very pretty woman and always looks great at award shows. Carefree, casual, not over done. Shows off her physique. A+ for simplicity with a bit of kick at the bottom. (I would normally hate the gold embellishments at the bottom on anyone else, but it works perfectly for her).
x, loves ;)

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