Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rad and Refined Styling Session at the Waldorf Astoria with Chicago Blogger Network

Chicago Blogger Network teamed up with Jacqueline, founder of e-boutique Rad and Refined, for an awesome styling session as well as a chance to take a looksie at rad new inventory.
Jacqueline is a doll, her team is majorly ahh-mazing and the pieces are obviously RAD. I had a fab time, and picked up some hot Wildfox goodies--I love how unique her pieces are, cannot wait to rock 'em!
[photo below courtesy of Chicago Blogger Network]
 x, loves ;)


  1. love the second top. Sad I missed it

  2. oh u mean the pink one? it's a dress. comes to like right above the knee, so cute on! & the crop top is perfectly drapey at the sides and oversized. u would loved it, B. & i can sleep in that sweatshirt, u know how i feel about obnoxious neons. ha

  3. dang, had to miss this because of work :(